Points of Interest

Enfield Lock and King George V Reservoir

Enfield Lock is part of the Lee Navigation. The Lea River was straightened with various cuts and locks added from the 18 th Century onwards in order to make it easier to navigate. (Note the different spellings used to differentiate the natural Lea river and man-made Lee Navigation). The first pound lock in Britain was opened on this canal at Waltham Abbey in 1577.

Work on the huge King George V Reservoir was completed in 1913, and it has a total bank length of six and a half kilometers. This reservoir together with the William Girling Reservoir to its south are known as the Chingford Reservoirs and they have been given SSSI status because of the wealth of bird life to be found here.

British Waterways - Enfield Lock


Watch the video for an interview with Lisa Alderman of British Waterways about Enfield Lock and living and working on the canal.