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We would love to hear from you about your experience of Walking London – what you enjoyed, what you noticed along the way, what would make the walk even better. Please share your observations and comments – whether they are factual, amusing or poignant, we would be interested to learn, and to share with others who may be considering walking the path. If you have general feedback about the website then please email info@walklondon.org.uk.

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I am planning to run the whole of the Jubilee Greenway as a personel challenge & as training for ultra marathons in late June. Can anyone advise about any section closures or diversions. Thanks in advance.
runnerian 07/06/2014 0:25 pm

I completed this route yesterday. Actually I ran it as training for a marathon, and completed it in 3 sections. It's a great run - although for the most popular stretch of the South bank- expect to walk. The route shows a broad scope of London; from the classic London of Hyde Park and Regents Park, into the ever changing North and East london, along the Regents canal. Then further into parts less well known, of the Greenway and Thames Path from Woolwhich to Greenwhich. A great attraction.
Pete W 23/03/2014 0:06 pm

Two-thirds of the way through the Jubilee Walkway. Loved the stretch from Paddington to Victoria Park. The Greenway goes past the Olympic Park, and then is quite dull until you get to London City Airport which is surprisingly dramatic. Check out our facebook page of the walk and like! https://www.facebook.com/pages/Jubilee-Greenway-Route/1430114823888125?ref=hl
Richard  06/02/2014 9:10 pm

I did part of the Jubilee Greenway yesterday which I really enjoyed. One downside was the amount of litter along the paths. This has become a blight of the UK but I thought this being a Jubilee walk & likely to attract many visitors it would be kept clean. Where there were bins they were overflowing and in quite a lot of areas the rubbish had gone into the canal. What a shame as this walk was, for me, spoilt by the rubbish along the paths. We really need to start to take pride in our cities.
Mel 24/06/2012 11:51 am
Thanks for your report, I will pass it on to British Waterways
Walk London 24/06/2012

We came to London to see the Queen, celebrate her diamond jubilee, have a quick look at the 2012 site and we did it all by riding around the Jubilee Greenway and it was fantastic - thank you CAS BRF XX
CAS BRF 17/04/2012 3:13 pm
Walk London 17/04/2012

I walked the first two legs (Buckingham Palace to Camden Lock) today with my wife and two friends from overseas. Brilliant! Such interest and variety, and it's wonderful to discover parts of London new to me even though I've lived here for nearly 70 years. The special flagstones are easy to follow with the help of the narrative from the website. My only suggestion for improvement would be to add even more historical facts en route.
gwilym 25/03/2012 9:22 pm
Thanks for the feedback! We tried to keep the downloadable leaflets fairly concise - so they are less likely to get out of date - and easier to keep accurate! Glad to hear you found all the flagstones.
Walk London 25/03/2012

I look forward to cycling the route later this year. It would be very helpful if the route was available in GPX format (to upload to GPS), either in full or by section. Would this be possible?
Nigel 29/02/2012 6:06 pm
We don't have a GPX file that is usable, but if anybody becomes aware of a free source of the file anywhere else, let us know (so we can paste a link on the Walk London website).
Walk London 29/02/2012

I completed the first two stages of the Jubilee Greenway with some friends today. It was an eye-opening experience because I was taken to places I had not seen before, despite having lived in London for almost 40 years. A very enjoyable experience and I now look forward to the next stages.
Joe Little 25/02/2012 6:37 pm

I completed the Jubilee Greenway today (a beautiful sunny January day), and thoroughly enjoyed it, especially from Lambeth Bridge to the Olympic Park. A couple of remarks - the section from the Dome to Greenwich (and a bit beyond) is really frustrating as lots of bits of the path are closed for building work, and diversions are not always signed. Also, the section east of the Olympic Park has bike gaps and closed gates, which are not ideal if you have a pannier on, and would limit disabled/pushchair access. 27Feb2012
Katie 27/01/2012 6:42 pm
Thanks for your feedback. We have recently posted some updated information on the Jubilee Greenway section page about the Greenwich part and the Olympic Park closures. Would you like a certificate for completing the Jubilee Greenway?
Walk London 27/01/2012

Two of us on mountain bikes rode the whole ring last Friday. Biggest surprise is the amount of green space - parks, woods, playgrounds, and most of all, hills! London isn't flat. We clocked exactly 90 miles, which included quite a few diversions and missed turns. Congratulations to all the Officers and Councils who have a hand in signing the route - a terrific example of inter-Borough cooperation - what an undertaking.
Richard Fairman 23/05/2011 6:28 pm
Thanks for that. Would you like a certificate for completing the route? Simply email info@walklondon.org.uk
Walk London 23/05/2011

3 (Camden to Victoria Park)

The signage for the Islington canal tunnel diversion is very hard to find and follow. There were three completely separate groups trying to find the way and failing miserably.
OtleyRoger 01/10/2013 4:35 pm

We walked section 3 of the walk yesterday from Camden to Victoria Park. This was the first section we have done. It was a lovely afternoon and we were surprised at how much the canal is used. Just to let you know that there is a diversion just before the Kingsland Bridge due to a large residential redevelopment. You will need to leave the path just by a really nice cafe, go up through the De Beauvoir Estate to Downham Road and then down Kingsland Road to rejoin the path. Enjoy!
Rachelle 10/09/2011 9:44 am
Thank you for posting this information. This is a new diversion we weren't aware of. We will get on to British Waterways to find out more and post up the information on the section page as soon as we can! Thanks again
Walk London 10/09/2011

4 (Victoria Park to Stokes Road, along Elevated Greenway)

Section 4, around the Olympic park area was blocked off (attempted Saturday 24 May). Heading from Stokes rd to Victoria Park. Not sure where it was blocked going the other way.
Marc 27/05/2014 9:25 am

After checking this website, I decided to walk along the jubilee greenway to view the olympic site. This section of the Jubilee greenway is completely closed for most of the Jubilee year from 18th May through till December with very confusing diversions in place. Disappointing ... I hadn't spotted the diversion maps this morning, so maybe it would be useful to add the major diversions on the overview and on the online maps. The main problem was the confusing diversion signs. We approached the greenway from the Lee Navigation travelling south. The first sign that the greenway is closed is at the ramp from the canal where there are two diversion signs - one pointing north and one pointing south. When we eventually found the right diversion it took us through masses of building works before we found a map of the diversion which pursuaded us not to bother. Clearer signage and more maps on site would have made a huge difference.
Steve Lee 18/06/2012 3:19 pm
Thank you. We passed your feedback on to LOCOG. The diversion changes here after 3rd July to be a longer way round - through streets. Hopefully LOCOG can add a laminated map to the start of the diversion route.
Walk London 18/06/2012

Having gone under the East Cross Route, the route joins the Greenway which is now closed. Why are there no diversion signs to follow?
 07/05/2012 9:03 am
The diversion information is on the website. We will contact the Games organisers and ask why the information isn't on the ground as well. The diversion signs should have gone in on the 30th April - although it is the standard highways pedestrian/cycle signage you need to look out for, which may also refer to the Capital Ring or just simply "Greenway". The diversion signs are red or blue and attached to street furniture like lamp-posts. Anyone interested in seeing the whole signage schedule email info@walklondon.org.uk
Walk London 07/05/2012

We enjoyed this section of the walk today, but were puzzled by one thing. What is the significance of the concrete blocks with e.g. 9.43 AOD on the elevated Greenway? We can't find the answer on the internet, (although it's probably there somewhere!).
MEA 11/03/2012 6:28 pm
"Above Ordnance Datum" - so spot heights above mean sea level - must have been critical to make sure the pipeline still had a gradient on it! Mean Sea Level is the basis of all the contours and water depths illustrated on maps. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ordnance_Datum
Walk London 11/03/2012

Having already walked the Capital Ring I felt it was a shame that so much of Sections 4 + 5 of the Jubilee Greenway share the same route. It might be difficult to do but perhaps the Jubilee Greenway walk could continue along the Greenway to the end at Royal Docks Road at least rather than taking the same turn off to Beckton as the Ring to add some variety? Or once the Olympic stadium works are done, alter the route of the Ring slightly to avoid the Greenway and show other sights of the area.
Richard Beale 17/06/2011 9:13 pm
Thank you for your comments. The Jubilee Greenway route is due to change slightly, going through the Olympic Park when it opens to the public. This route will also take walkers past the Diamond Jubilee Gardens, appropriately.
Walk London 17/06/2011

5 (Stokes Road to the River Thames)

The plaza at UEL (by Cyprus DLR) is now locked down for the Olympics, as from 9th July 2012. Suggested route (not yet tried) turn left into Cyprus Place and follow road and bear right down footpath - I think there might be a Capital Ring sign post. This should bring you out at Gallions Roundabout. Negotiate this to get on to the Sir Steven Redgrave Bridge.
Kathy 11/07/2012 11:33 pm
Thank you, will add that information to the section page for other walkers.
Walk London 11/07/2012

The Woolwich Foot Tunnel is closed for refurbishment until spring 2012.
TonyB 06/05/2011 10:43 am
The Woolwich Foot Tunnel is closed until August 2011 and there is a note about this in the section information on this website. You can take the free ferry across the river at this point though. More information here: http://www.greenwich.gov.uk/Greenwich/Travel/foot-tunnels.htm
Walk London 06/05/2011

6 (River Thames to Greenwich)

I think what David T is complaning about is not the peninsula route but the work going on around the Thames Barrier itself. When I led a walk round here on 1st January, the Thames Path subway alongside the barrier was closed, with an awkward diversion around the barrier car park, which was not especially well-signed. This may now have cleared as it was three months ago, but I'm surprised Walk London was unaware of it. It's infuriating that so little respect is shown to walkers at diversions.
 01/04/2012 2:59 pm
Greenwich Council have some staffing problems at the moment. Walk London have made an official complaint about their information service. The website is as up-to-date as we can keep it.
Walk London 01/04/2012

This was a NON walk because when I got to the Thames barrier the Thames path towards Greenwich was blocked off and also the cycle path was closed. I could not see any way to carry on walking the Thames path towards Greenwich and could not see any alternative or interim route so I had to carry on with the Capital Ring walk towards Falconwood. Could you update your website so that people don't waste their time planning this walk!
David T. 23/01/2012 11:53 pm
Thank you for your comment. There are problems for walkers on the cross-peninsula section. We have updated the website today (27th January) thank you for pointing it out. At the moment we are recommending that people take a route across the peninsula rather than walk around the edge, and will add more information when we have an update from Greenwich Council.
Walk London 27/01/2012

Part of the walk, Morden Wharf (after the O2 arena) is closed off between Cadet Place and Bay Wharf. There are easy to follow diversion signs in place but the view of traffic queuing to go into the Blackwell Tunnel is not as interesting as that along the Thames, I'm sure. The work is scheduled for May to September and is being carried out by the Environment Agency, so fingers crossed the keep to it.
Richard Beale 17/06/2011 8:53 pm
Thank you for your comments. We also have our fingers crossed!
Walk London 17/06/2011

7 (Greenwich to Tower Bridge)

Sadly you won't find the statue of a man sitting on the bench (Dr Salter's Daydream Statue) as it has, much to the dismay of local residents, been stolen. We did however see a man laying on the wall enjoying the pleasant sunshine!
Trevanshe 03/07/2012 3:36 pm
Thank you, we have updated the downloadable leaflet! Let us know if it is ever returned. We also saw the TV programme "The Secret History of our Streets" and really enjoyed it - saw the part where the stolen statue was mentioned, as well as the inspiring history of Dr Salter.
Walk London 04/07/2012

9 (Westminster Bridge to Buckingham Palace)

With Olympics taking place on Horse Guards nearly half St James's Park is closed to pedestrians. Rather than walk down Whitehall we followed the fencing around the site inside St James's Park and eventually emerged half way along The Mall. The distance covered is about the same as following the Walk itself!!
Trevanshe 04/07/2012 5:04 pm
Thank you, we will contact ODA and TfL and get up to date information for walkers and cyclists on this last part of the Jubilee Greenway.
Walk London 04/07/2012


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