London’s Hidden Treasures – Waterloo to London Bridge

Date: Sunday 13th May 2018

Distance: 2 miles

Start Time: 11:30

Duration: 2 hours

  • By Water
  • Cultural
  • Historical
  • Walk and Talk

Meeting Point: Meet by exit 6 of the main line Waterloo station next to the left luggage office

Nearest Station (Start): Waterloo

End Point: London Bridge

Nearest Station (End): London Bridge

Cost: Free


Telephone: 020 3151 1151

Booking Advice:

Booking is required.
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Starting at Waterloo and the iconic London Eye and moving directly on to the river Thames where history runs through 2000 years. This walk will give you an overview of Westminster, Parliament and what lies beneath, as we move further down river.

Westminster is the City of Royalty and we will hear of the palaces that once stood on the sloping banks of the Thames. Walking through the bustle of the South Bank and taking in the arts and the growing street entertainment, you never know what you might see! Hearing stories of the people and places including modern and ancient history.

Across Blackfriars Bridge into the City of London. The City of London is the City of Commerce. Hear how Blackfriars got its name and why there are red columns apparently doing nothing in the river? An overview of the Shard and the other new tall buildings. From the north bank we will learn of kings, queens and the hidden aspects of this area. Why did the Millennium bridge ‘wobble’? The history of London starts here. At London Bridge all becomes connected and there is a chance to view The Monument to the Great Fire of London.

Hidden Treasures is a stroll along both sides of the River Thames with an added twist. As you walk the guide will reveal some of the secrets that lie beneath the streets and under the river.

From the site of the finding of a bronze bust of Emperor Hadrian to the lost water wheels of London Bridge. You will hear stories of the people who lived here; including the community that lived where Canon Street now stands, with their own language, schools and law courts, tales of the gentlemen who built the Monument and how it was designed to be a scientific instrument as well as a viewing platform.

This walk is perfect for those who know the River Thames but are a little hazy about its history.


There are many opportunities for refreshment and toilet breaks along the route.

Please consider the weather forecast and the type of walk you are planning to join and wear appropriate footwear and clothing. We recommend that you bring a drink as there may not always be opportunities to purchase refreshments.

Advice Note:

Due to a number of steps along the route with long diversions this walk is not wheelchair-friendly. Pushchair users may be required to carry the pushchair up steps at times.

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