The Piccadilly Line – featuring a cricket bat and Sherlock Holmes

Date: Sunday 13th May 2018

Distance: 1.5 miles

Start Time: 10:00

Duration: 1 hours 30 mins

  • Cultural
  • Walk and Talk

Meeting Point: Meet at the statue of Diana (Goddess of the Hunt) in Green Park. This is immediately outside the exit from Green Park Tube station marked ‘Green Park/Buckingham Palace’

Nearest Station (Start): Green Park

End Point: Covent Garden

Nearest Station (End): Covent Garden

Cost: Free


Telephone: 020 3151 1151

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The walk will follow the Piccadilly Line (overground, of course!) from Green Park station to Covent Garden station. We’ll learn about the history of the line and the Tube in general, from a clever trick in the way South Kensington station was painted to the link between Leicester Square station and cricket. We’ll also learn why there are there no flower beds in Green Park, what Kenneth Williams had in common with Sherlock Holmes and how an 18th century resident of Covent Garden blew himself up because his wife hadn’t cooked his dinner.


Many opportunities for refreshment and toilet breaks along the route.

Please consider the weather forecast and the type of walk you are planning to join and wear appropriate footwear and clothing. We recommend that you bring a drink as there may not always be opportunities to purchase refreshments.

Advice Note:

Flat and easy route, suitable for both pushchairs and wheelchairs.

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